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Parkpre USA office / warehouse building in Moorpark, California, USA
Big 'thank you' to Mark for the pictures and information.

Parkpre USA warehouse ParkPre office/warehouse building in Moorpark, CA (at least according to my info), taken from across the street. It was a fairly overcast day on Saturday, so the contrast isn't great.
Parkpre USA warehouse Closer-up view of the door that faces the street. If you look closely you can see a "Level 3" warning sign on the door. They're an Internet Service Provider (ISP);
Parkpre USA warehouse Left side of the building. As you can see, the left side is built-out from the side of the building, and may not have been there when ParkPre was there, since it now has generators behind it. The
white building to the left rear is a separate building that faces onto the next street over.
Parkpre USA warehouse Taken from the nearest street corner, looking back toward the building. The building is the one directly behind
the street sign with the blue border at the top.